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We, ………… (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS) …………………..

Hereby appoint as our attorney Dr. Nabil Ahmed Hilmy, of Hilmy Law Firm, 27A Baghdad Street, El-Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, and/or any other attorney appointed by him, empowering each one of them, to represent our interests.

In this connection each one of our attorneys is hereby authorized:-

  1. To represent me in Judicial Proceedings before any Court in Egypt and to file in my name and address on my behalf any pleadings of any nature whatsoever in any such proceedings as well as to receive service of any judicial acts on my behalf.
  2. To take all and any steps, procedures or proceedings which may be necessary before any of the Courts of Egypt as well as to file any applications, writs counter claims as may be necessary, to file any appeals and to enter into any agreements and compromises relating to such proceedings and to withdraw such proceedings on my behalf;
  3. To make all and any declarations or affidavits and confirm acts or documents on oath as may be necessary under Egyptian Law for the purpose of all of the above procedures
  4. To do all and any such acts as considered necessary for the proper execution of the above mandate, including all such judicial and extra judicial steps which the attorneys or any one of them may consider opportune.

Furthermore, I ratify and confirm all steps and proceedings which any one of our attorneys may have already taken in my name and on my behalf.

(Authorized  Signature)


The above document should be notarised/authenticated and finally legalised by the Egyptian Embassy.